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A walk and some pictures

We have guests from France this week in our home, my brother in law, and a couple. We went out for a walk, and I got some pictures using the Kodak V1233 (review).

Sebastian, my first cat

Thom’s post yesterday about his missing cat reminded me of my first pet cat: Sebastian.

It was 1984, and I was 11 when Sebastian visited our home in the mountains for the first time. Sebastian was a nice cat, but he wasn’t our cat. He belonged to a family about 400 meters away from our home, but he was not getting much love (or food) there, so he was dividing his time between the two homes. Once, the owners came with a sack to take him away, but he returned to us the next day.

The time came in 1985 that we had to move to Louros, a nearby town, just so I didn’t have to travel 2.5+ hours a day to go to high-school and my father could find new jobs as a house builder. We came back to visit our home in the mountains a month later. Within the hour, we would hear from far away a fade “miaou, miaou” and we would soon see a fast approaching cat (literally running towards us). Sebastian wouldn’t stop for over 5 minutes: “miaou, miaou, miaou, miaou, miaou, miaou…”. If he was a human, he would be crying hard and ask us where we’ve been and why we left him behind.

But two days later we had to leave again and go back to Louros. And we couldn’t get him with us as he wasn’t our cat and we were not allowed pets in our rented apartment. I never saw him again.

In the ’90s, and while my father finished building our own home in Louros where we could have our own pets (but not living with us inside the house), we had a multitude of cats in our home, but most of them were poisoned by a specific neighbor of ours. The two most notable cats I had was Miaoulis and her son, Bobo, both beautiful all-white cats. I found Miaoulis half-dead as a kitten in the wild and I took care of her (her mother left her to die, as she was born ill and didn’t want the rest of her kittens to get ill too — good survival instinct). Miaoulis got her name not only because she would “miaou” all day, but also because of this Greek hero. Bobo got his name from DJ Bobo that I had a crash upon at the time. 😉

The sad state of TV

NBC unveiled a fall lineup today. Problem is, TV is not exciting anymore (well, except “Lost”, and partly “Battlestar Galactica”). From the last year’s lineup, only one new series made it through with acceptable ratings (“Pushing Daisies”). Everything else either barely survived, or was already canceled (“Jericho”‘s ratings were terrible, give it up Jericho fans — web views don’t count because there are no expensive commercials on the web to support expensive shows, while DVR views were not THAT many).

I am sure that a lot of people in the industry will blame the web for the state of TV show success, but I think the problem is mostly originality. I mean, last year we got remakes over remakes (from “Bionic Woman”, to “Terminator”, to “New Amsterdam” which is a Highlander ripoff), and next year we will get more: “Knight Rider”, “Dr Jekyl and Mr Hide”, to “Fringe” which is an X-Files remake.

I mean, come on. I know that being original is difficult (chances are, someone else among the 6bn Earth people already thought of your idea), but it doesn’t have to be so obvious. Where are my space-based sci-fi shows for example? How about creating something like this too, a’la Lost-mystery?