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Regarding polygamy

Atheist no-shit Pat Condell (who in my opinion kicks ass), talked in one of his recent videos about polygamy. I am personally against polygamy, as it’s a strip of self-dignity and a de-powering of women. It’s as bad as genital mutilation as far as I am concerned, it’s just that this is emotional mutilation. I would never, never, be able to be the No2, or the No3, or even the No1. I have to be the only one. Even if our time together is finite.

Having said that, I recognize that humans don’t necessarily mate for life. But this doesn’t give men the right to be married to 2+ women at the same time. No one can win out of such a “relationship”.

Polygamy can only be useful in the case where there would be many more women than men on the planet (like, 3x or more), in which case Darwin would have worked its magic and polygamy would make more (genetic) sense. Either that, or simply, the marriage institution would be collapsed in that case.

Update: Read the comments for more explanation on my position. But to make it clear: As long the women are educated (see: not intellectually retarded), know where they are putting themselves into when they agree to a polygamous marriage, and they are NOT forced to enter such a marriage, I am fine with it. Otherwise, I see the whole thing as a male power play that USES and makes women UNHAPPY. But as long nothing like that goes on, I am ok with it.

Save the rovers

It is such a shame having to leave behind the two true American heroes of the ’00s because of budget cuts: Spirit and Opportunity. These rovers survived the front battle for years now, while the Generals didn’t expect them to live more than 3 months. They sent back useful reckon information to the architects of the war. And yet, they will be left behind, casualties of another war back at home, instead of their own war, a war that they were winning.

On other news, the war in Iraq costs the public $5000 per second.

Update: NASA now plays the PR game: he said, she said…

Neck problem

Just came back from the doctor. I have this back of the neck problem for a while now, where my neck will do crackling noises when turning left and right in the area where it attaches to the head, while sometimes I will literally hear the blood going upstream with difficulty (like trying to drink a soda with a bad straw). He suggested an MRI. Not sure if I will do so yet, but I might have to. And all that because of the way I sit in front of my PCs in the past 10 years.