Archive for March 14th, 2008

Hulu is out of beta

Hulu, NBC’s answer to iTunes and YouTube, is now out of beta. Users out of USA can also use it when using a VPN client. I got to say that I like Hulu a lot. Its quality is not HD, it’s definitely not as good as Vimeo HD for example, but it’s better than YouTube or Revver. They offer a lot of well-known TV series to watch free of charge (very few commercials), and the site is pretty well designed. If they add more series, go HD (it’s on their plans), and make it possibly more community-like, they have a good future. Me likes.

I watched “Arrested Development” for the first time today (I heard good things about it). The whole 3 seasons are available on Hulu for free.

And speaking of “Arrested Development”, the whole thing is shot with a digital camera in 60i. No depth of field, no 24p nonsense, no “cinematic look”. And it works.

The $5 deal

I wrote a few days ago that RIAA must follow a Netflix-like model with a standard $5 per month fee that gives unlimited access to their catalog. It seems that they are thinking along the same lines, but they still don’t want to give up their old business model. They now want to surcharge all internet users with $5 via the ISPs, but of course, this is not the way to go. It really seems to me that RIAA knows how to proceed and do the right thing, but they are afraid to do so. They are definitely no idiots though.

More on the iPhone SDK

Whoa! If all the restrictions were not enough, Apple is now rejecting (aka “indefinitely waitlisting”) potential developers for the iPhone! Not just random individuals, but even corporations with true interest on the SDK. It seems that they want to limit everything, so they can control everything.

Compare this to the open nature of Android development, and Windows Mobile (and even Symbian, if you don’t want to get digitally sign your apps), and see clearly how Apple is conducting business. Apple is STILL scared about allowing binary apps on the iPhone. That much is clear. I can’t wait for future jailbreaks and third party App Stores. Apple needs a good spank in the ass. They seriously need to get a clue and allow open development while at the same time they should FIX their OS to be more secure.