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Our sports teacher

Suddenly, I remembered of my high school sports teacher tonight. What a nightmare. He would put us on running for the whole 45 minutes of the sports class. Some of us would drop like flies. Math, chemistry? That was piece of cake compared to the sports class. We didn’t learn much during the 3 years we were assigned to his class, other than hating him.

The guy would live literally on coffee btw, and he would snap off extremely fast. No one dared to talk to him eye to eye (and he had hit children once or twice during class — these were different times). The funny thing was that when I started doing some sprinting and later javelin, the guy was much softer (he became my coach). Apparently, the secret was to show some interest for sports, that was the only way to get some respect out of him.

Addicted to LOST? Get Perspective!

Here’s a ‘drug’ that can help you get over your addiction to “Lost”. 😉

Only problem with the otherwise funny commercial: people still credit J.J. Abrams for “Lost”, while he only worked for very few episodes in the beginning. Lost is what it is because of Damon and Carlton, not J.J.