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San Mateo Creek bridge

A video of San Mateo’s creek bridge. This video was created in order to test the Kodak V1233 HD-capable 12MP digital camera for an upcoming gadget review that will get published next week. Unfortunately, not all scenes were shot with the high quality setting because the camera sometimes “forgets” its settings (long story, read the review here). Video is color graded. My JBQ appears in the last scene. HD version here.

Optimism in my pessimism

As most of you know, I am a pessimist. I am all dark and gloomy regarding the future. However, it is in the nature of humans to also be optimists. And indeed, I am an optimist for a few things.

One of those things is about the existence of aliens. Most of us agree that there is life elsewhere in the universe. But most disagree that such life is actually intelligent and visiting this planet as we speak.

I choose to believe that they do visit us. Not only because I have personally witnessed a UFO, but mostly for the following reason: If we accept that no alien race is visiting us or has visited us, then it’s safe to assume that WE will never be able to reach another inhabiting planet.

And we all know what this would mean: death for the human race. And that’s where this optimism, or faith if you like, kicks in. It has nothing to do with proof, but a glimpse of hope for our own race instead.

Pixel counts and pixel sizes

My very intelligent JBQ (what a turn on!), wrote a blog post replying to popular Michael Reichmann’s opinions about digital photography. A very good read.

Greek & Russian vendettas

From Telegraph, thanks to blog reader James for sending it my way:

“In countries such as the US, Switzerland and the UK, the freeloaders accepted their punishment, became much more co-operative and the earnings in the game increased over time.

However, in countries such as Greece and Russia, the freeloaders sought retribution – exerting revenge on those who had punished them – even the model citizens who had paid their way. Co-operation for the common good then plummeted as a result.

[…] In societies where this behaviour is widespread and the rule of law is perceived to be ineffective – that is, if criminal acts frequently go unpunished – anti-social “revenge” punishment thrives.”

A very interesting article. 😉