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The importance of lighting

One aspect that many videographers ignore many times, is lighting. Lighting and sound is more important than being able to “record in 24p” during the quest for that movie look. Look at the video here. This video is a behind-the-scenes look at the shooting of a music video clip. An expensive film camera was used to shoot the actual music video. But a Panasonic HD digital camera (presumably the HVX-200) was used to shoot the behind the scenes documentary video. Check the shots where the Panasonic camera shoots the “documentary” part, and the shots that the same camera is pointing to the singer at the time of the actual music video shooting. Notice the difference in lighting, as when shooting is taking place, there are some big reflectors set there by the crew. Notice how more of the “movie look” you get at these specific scenes, than the normal documentary scenes, which looks like normal video. And yet, it’s the same camera. It’s all about lighting.