Thoughts on “Confirmed Dead”

“Lost” did about 15.1 mil viewers last night, which was not too bad at all (it’s still the No1 show in the key demographic slice despite overall viewers going down over the years). I’ve noticed two occasions on last night’s episode that show the brilliance of the writers.

1. When Jack tells newcomer Miles that there are guns pointed into his head and Miles doesn’t believe him, and then voila, Juliet and Sayid are appearing off the jungle aiming Miles.

This is reminiscent of the scene where Tom Friendly told Jack in Season 2 the exact same thing and Jack didn’t believe him. “Liiight uuup”, Tom shouted, and dozens of fires were lit. It shows how the “Others” are now the old force in the island, with most of their good men/women dead, and the Losties are the new arising power there. It shows how much the group has grown up since their crash, how much more experienced they are, and how much the tables have turned.

2. Team-Locke creeping out Charlotte.

Locke and his people were downright creepy to poor Charlotte who had just parachuted to the island along the other 3 guys. Exactly the same way the “Others” appearing creepy to the “Losties” on the previous seasons. Team-Locke is not willing to talk about the island or its powers, or even who they are individually, just like the Others did in the past.

This is tragic irony at its best. We spent 3 seasons siding with the crash landed losties, only to find out that they have become as creepy as the “Others” because of the circumstances. This is great writing. This just shows that something that someone might call “good” or “bad”, is simply “a point of view” and neither good or bad. You got to love the philosophical references on “Lost”.

On a related note, Matthew Fox (“Jack”) said that if they will shoot new episodes after the strike ending, it won’t be more than 4-6 episodes.


William Eggington wrote on February 8th, 2008 at 3:06 PM PST:

I thought this episode was amazing. So many crazy questions but nothing silly or stupid or out of context. “I saw a cow!”. . . oh man. . . I just burst out laughing when he said that. Great stuff. I’m not agreeing with you on “poor Charlotte”. The “losties” did all just get the warning from Charlie, so their behavior to me is less ironic in comparison to how the Others treated them. . . but more. . . as you eluded too. . . taking control of the island.

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Eugenia wrote on February 8th, 2008 at 3:08 PM PST:

>“poor Charlotte”

The word “poor” was not in the context that she is innocent, but in the context that she is a newcomer, she expects to find people who want to get rescued, and instead, she finds creepiness. Besides, we can’t be sure for the individual agendas of the 4 new people yet. It’s too early to judge. If we learned one thing from “Lost” is that nothing is black and white.

BTW, semi-topic, the kid in white in this video seems to be the “Walt” actor from Lost.

Stéphane wrote on February 8th, 2008 at 4:18 PM PST:

Re: MF’s comment on the strike

I sure hope they’ll find a way to do a full season if the rumors of the strike ending on Monday is true. I was so sad to know that the last three seasons would have 16 episodes instead of 23, if this one is only 14 or 12 or… 8, 2008 will be a bad year!

Thinking of it, 8, 15, 16 or 23 are the only alternatives for clear reasons 😀

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