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PAL support on PS3/A2

All I can say is this: Shame on you, both Sony and Toshiba.

My parents in law were leaving for France today and they asked me to burn a DVD for them with some of my video clips. I burned a PAL DVD (out of NTSC HD sources), and I tried it on the PS3’s Blu-Ray. Error: no PAL support. I turn ON the Toshiba A2 HD-DVD player and I got another error about PAL support. Apparently you have to literally hack the A2’s firmware using a hex editor to get PAL support. At the end, JBQ had to hook up our 6 year old Philips DVD player to be able to successfully test the PAL DVD.

Remember, we are just talking about a region-free, unlocked home DVD here. And yet, these two expensive devices will refuse to playback the DVD even if the ability IS there. That’s something that most DVD players of years ago would do anyway, as long as the disc was unlocked.

FAIL. Go burn in hell, Sony and Toshiba.