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Big splash for “Lost”

“Lost”‘s premiere managed over 16 million viewers last night, a good record for the show which has seen some decline last year. But “Lost” is back in full strength and it’s becoming more violent, if I am to believe some of the spoilers online. I bet this half-season will be huge.

Check this deleted scene (.flv format) from the first episode of the 4th season. Partial transcript below:

(While rescue is very close, Juliet digs some graves, and Sawyer drinks a beer near by. Juliet is not one of the survivors of the plane crash but she wishes to be rescued as well.)
Sawyer (sarcastic): So what are you gonna tell’em?
Juliet: Sorry?
Sawyer: The cavalry comes here and some yahoo from Oceanic Airlines shows up with a little clipboard looking to tick off your name. What are you gonna tell’em?
Juliet: …You have some blood on your cheek.
(Sawyer cleans up his right cheek with his hand.)
Juliet: The other one.

Pure genius dialog. You gotta see Sawyer’s face.

Python 3.0 to be backwards incompatible

“Organizations using Python will be affected in a major way by changes in store for the language over the course of the next twelve months, attendees were told this morning”, reports

I hate it when this happens. The fact that you might be able to install Python 2.x in parallel does not make this any better. It’s just stupid when developers break compatibility — even if they have a good reason for it. As a user, I just plain hate the consequences.

One more iPhone bug

The inevitability of using a complex operating system in your embedded product: more bugs. I’ve found 2-3 bugs so far in this Apple platform, but this one is a funnier one. At around 7:50 AM PST today Yahoo!’s stock was up about 45%, but the iPhone/iPod Touch (including in the latest firmware) show that it’s up 90%.

iPhone bug