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The ‘Lost’ monster revealed

Privacy vs Security

Not just a mean kitty guy

I hate most video blogs out there, but Cory Williams‘ blog is the only one I found to not be pretentious and on-purpose controversial. I love this guy, he seems to have a heart of gold.

NY wants to ban monitoring devices

Want to test for pollution in low-income NY neighborhoods with high rates of childhood asthma? Gotta ask the cops for permission. Why? So you “will not lead to excessive false alarms and unwarranted anxiety,” the first draft of the law states.

You know that there’s something wrong when the state, city or the country wants to remove freedoms from you so you don’t feel any “anxiety”. This is down right totalitarianism. It’s ‘almost’ as bad as their previous law that requires you a license to place a tripod in NY (yup, still pissed off about this one).

I guess the times where the government will fill your air with anti-anxiety pathogens (that you won’t be allowed to detect), like in “Serenity”/”Firefly”, ain’t that far off either.