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Vin Diesel wrote, directed and starred this short movie in 1994, before he got rich and famous. He raised money to shoot this by working as a bouncer in NY clubs. It was the movie that Spielberg got impressed with and wrote Diesel in “Save Private Ryan”.

The guy is actually very talented and in fact very underrated just because many people can’t see past the muscles. In the movie “Find me guilty” proves his talent big time. I got to say that “Multi-facial” is really well done, considering the budget and equipment. In today’s world where buying an HD camera is so cheap, people should be able to do better, but they don’t necessarily do.

Diesel is also directing (for the third time) and starring in the new “Hannibal” movie, in which he speaks ancient Latin and Greek. He also has a post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie coming out this year, “Babylon AD”.