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Iceland complains to US about treatment of tourist

This incident is abuse of power and it must be corrected. That’s all I have to say about this.

French cheese fondue

This (originally Swiss) recipe is directly from JBQ, who as a good Frenchman is cooking Cheese Fondue for us regularly during winter. You will need an electrical fondue pot, which costs about $50.

Ingredients (for 6)
* 1 day old French bread or 2 days old country style white bread
* 1 kg of cheese (1/3 emmental, 1/3 comte, 1/3 beaufort)
* 1 bottle of dry white wine
* 1/5 teaspoon nutmeg
* pepper

1. Grate the cheeses, or just cut them in very small pieces.
2. Cut the bread in medium size cubes and set aside.
3. Turn ON the fondue pot on high heat. Add the cheese, wine, pepper, nutmeg and using a wooden spoon keep stirring to melt the cheese and evaporate the wine.
4. When the cheese is all melted a few minutes later, lower the heat to medium-high, and place a piece of bread at the tip of your fondue stick. Using the stick, dip the bread into the fondue pot to get some hot cheese on it. Enjoy!

Cheese fondue