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The headaches of “Primer”

I watched “Primer” late last night, the 2004 77″ movie that cost just $7000 to make and was written/directed/starred by Shane Carruth (who’s pretty hot for a real life mathematician btw). If this sentence above is too complex to understand, then you probably are not the right customer for this movie anyway. The movie is very complex and confusing. Well, I woke up with a huge migraine this morning which is still here.

I still don’t understand the movie completely, but if you are a geek, then you ought to watch it. “Just” Sci-fi fans might not appreciate it, but if you are an engineer you probably will. And when you watch it, do explain it to me too. It involves time travel, body doubles, alternative universes, and paradoxes that can overheat your brain. Only for engineers — or puzzle solvers!

Update: JBQ just watched the film and he liked it, and “got” most of it too.

Update 2: Good review article and explanation.