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Yes, do it over the weekend

I’ve written about it before, but jeez. People just never learn. KDE is going to release KDE 4.0, a major version, on a Friday. I’ve seen XFce getting released on Saturdays too. That’s when the traffic on the net is the lowest, and guarantees that fewer people will learn about these releases. Gnome usually releases major versions on a Wed or Thu, but KDE really needs to get a clue about PR, along with usability and aesthetics (it’s still not as visually polished as it should be, and Qt is as guilty as KDE itself for this — bad widget spacing).

Update: Oh, God, it looks like crap. How is it possible to not be able to get it right after all these years? It just doesn’t look modern, it doesn’t have the attention to detail and targeted design that OSX has (and to some degree, Gnome too). And no, it ain’t just a theme issue. It’s a design and Qt issue too. I can find 100 things wrong on each screenshot I see. I don’t need to use this thing before I have an opinion about it. Aesthetics put me off immediately after looking at these pictures.

My favorites

I created a new HD channel over at Vimeo, holding some of my favorite clips in it so far:

In the meantime, I discovered Remyyy, possibly the best video artist enthusiast in the whole Vimeo world:

Update: I just finished IM’ing with him, I think his future shorts will be filmed in widescreen and will have the “HD” treatment on Vimeo. Can’t wait!