Apple’s new label

AppleInsider reports that amidst the majors dropping away from iTunes, Apple is said to be creating a new label with the help of Jay-Z (a person who does better as a businessman than as a musician IMHO).

I think that this is a natural evolution of Apple’s stronghold in music. It’s the next step, but it’s exactly the next step because the majors are not happy with Apple and they force the hand of Jobs to take such measures. However, what I am hoping for is that this is not “just another label”. We don’t need more “labels”. What we need is a revolution, and thankfully Apple is good in delivering revolutions. Hopefully, Creative Commons licenses will be used for sane fair usage, and Apple won’t be stupid to just “sign away” random artists, but truly pay up for radio/PR for their best artists.

When I read this news yesterday, the first thing that came into my mind was Lessing’s talk at TED. He said that the last time that the music business situation was as shitty as today it was 1939, when ASCAP was raising rates by 448%. So radio businesses of the time created a new consortium in 1941, using only independent music, the one that became BMI. You can relate this to RIAA and the indie labels. The interesting bit here is that when BMI was created, ASCAP said “whatever dudes, this kind of music is not what people want, so you will end up coming back to us“. However, they weren’t. Listeners liked the “indie” music of the time, and a new generation of music business was created. As time goes by, each new state of being is getting corrupted (just like democracy does over the years), so at this second evolution of music, BMI/RIAA have become the new ASCAP. Which is why it’s time for them to go away for the new thing to come. For the next 20-30 years they will play good too, but then it will be time for them to get replaced too. We will go through the same strangle again, but that’s how life is.

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mikesum32 wrote on January 4th, 2008 at 3:40 PM PST:

I think you mean Larry Lessig. 🙂

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