Archive for December 26th, 2007

Samples by the New Wave of Videographers

I published an article on OSNews with some of my favorite video clips out there, created by video enthusiasts. Solomon Chase’s “Rainy Day” remains my favorite such clip ever. Canon should send the guy a check, a lot of people bought the HV20 because of this clip alone.

Regarding brain doping

You might have heard that the latest fashion is brain doping. In a world where the most intelligent or best performing employees get the most benefits, it appears to be “wise” for some people to dope themselves to equally compete in the workplace. The reason this is not illegal (yet), it’s because these pills are prescription medication and there are no conclusive studies (yet) if they are truly harmful or not.

I am personally a purist when it comes to medicating oneself, so I dislike drugs in general. However, I can understand people wanting to perform better. That’s how our competitive society is built. So I can’t hold this against them, although I am concerned that doping the brain is the same as over-clocking your CPU. Eventually, it will crash, except if your brain is actually built by mother nature in a way that can handle this pressure.

However, I gotta say that it doesn’t make sense to dope humans forever. Instead, allow some gene manipulation so the next generations are by default more intelligent than us. When we have the technology for something like this, of course.