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Saganaki is a Greek fried or broiled cheese favorite. My husband loves it, so I made it tonight for him (fried version).

Ingredients (for 2)
* Kasseri or Kefalograviera cheese
* 1 egg
* 1/2 cup white flour
* Olive oil
* 1/5 cup of brandy

1. Cut the cheese horizontally, to create two triangle halves. It’s a hard cheese, so be careful while cutting it.
3. Beat the egg with a whisk, and then dip the cheese halves on it, on both sides.
4. Coat the cheese well with the flour.
5. In a frying pan heat some olive oil in medium/high. Fry the cheese halves until they get a golden brown color, on both sides. [Optional: you can choose to broil it instead]
6. Moments before removing the cheese from the fire, pour the brandy. Turn one more time and when the alcohol is evaporated, serve hot.


Important media formats

These are in my personal opinion the most important *delivery* media formats (not lossless/intermediate formats like mjpeg/cineform etc, and not containers). In that order, depending on popular usage that I have observed through the years.

1. H.264 (.mp4, .m4v, .mov, .mkv, .mts)
2. DivX (.avi, .divx)
3. Mpeg2 (.mpg, .m2ts, .m2t)
4. WMV (wmv9+, .asf)
5. XviD (.avi, .mkv)
6. Mpeg1 (.mpg)
7. Mpeg4-SP (cellphone kind, .mp4, .mov)
8. On2 VP6/7 (.flv)
9. h.263 (.3gp)
10. Real (.ram)
11. Ogg Theora (.ogg, .mkv, .ogm)

Audio codecs (lossless codecs like FLAC/WAV/AAC-L are not listed because I don’t consider them delivery formats, even if some audiophiles use them as such):

1. Mp3
2. WMA
3. AAC (.m4a, .aac, .m4p)
4. AC3
5. Ogg Vorbis (.ogg, .ogm)
6. Mpeg-LayerII (.mp2)
7. RA

The only devices that come close to support most of these formats (support 70% of the formats/containers listed), are the Archos products. You pay a premium, but you know that you get the best compatibility with media formats out there.