Archive for October 18th, 2007

USB chargers

Why the hell this product makes the rounds on Engadget? All I am saying is that this one does the same thing and it’s 4 times cheaper. What’s the big deal that this particular product deserved a front-page on Engadget and the other one didn’t?

KDEnLive mockups

On the prompt of KDEnLive enthusiast Lucio Correa, I had a look at the usability of KDEnLive — the only serious OSS Linux video editing app today (Cinelerra is still an unusable joke for me, sorry). I have used KDEnLive very cursory, so giving real feedback about the usability, will take a long time. But their exporting dialog is the one that mostly caught my attention for being so inflexible and useless for my needs. So, I redesigned that before anything else.

And when you click custom, the window expands:

Of course this second dialog looks busy — audio should be in its own tab if the developers don’t want the window to get longer. However, I mostly wanted to show which features I need to be there, easily accessible, rather than the actual widget arrangement.

I left out the “render selected zone, from time __ to time __”, because this is a feature that should not be part of the standard exporting dialog, but instead a right-click option on a selection in the timeline that automatically fills up the right timecode values and loads the exporting dialog.