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* OSNews is down. No idea what’s wrong. Possibly a DoS attack. I emailed our admin. Update: Apparently mysql crashes. Our admin restarted the server, but now it’s down again.
* Vincent, my brother in law, is visiting from France. I hope he will have a good time during his stay here.
* I have made $2.28 in four months from my Revver videos. Not that I want or need ad money of course, but video sharing earnings are obviously not much, not even for videos that are viewed a million times.
* Quite some shit in the political scene right now. Too many things are going on, most of them bad… I stopped caring.
* An interesting article on robot-human relations. However, there can’t be a “relationship” if the robots do look human, but their AI stays as crappy as it is today.
* We are going to the Apple Store later today to check the new iPods. Need to buy some DV tapes at Frys too.
* “Study finds that people are programmed to love chocolate”. I blame the bacteria too.


Tuishimi wrote on October 13th, 2007 at 8:37 PM PST:

Thanks to OS News being down, I am here commenting on your blogs. ūüôā

anonymous wrote on October 14th, 2007 at 12:52 AM PST:

In addition to providing a better understanding of individual metabolic types, the current study could also lead to the discovery of additional biomarkers that can identify new health benefits linked to chocolate and other foods, says Kochhar, whose research was funded by Nestlé.

So I think it’s manipulated. Nestle is a food corporate giant and quite evil, you don’t need to promote their astroturfing on your blog.

Several of Nestl√ɬ©’s brands are globally renowned, which made the company a global market leader in many product lines, including milk, chocolate, confectionery, bottled water, coffee, creamer, food seasoning and pet foods.[1] The company stock is listed on the SWX Swiss Exchange. Some of Nestl√ɬ©’s business practices have been considered unethical, especially the manner in which infant formula has been marketed in developing countries, which led to the Nestl√ɬ© boycott from 1977.

–In April 2004, a Forbes article reported on Nestl√ɬ©’s use of forced labour in the production of their chocolate. The International Labor Organisation, part of the UN, estimates that 284,000 child labourers work on cocoa farms in West Africa, mainly in the Ivory Coast. Mars and Hershey’s are also being investigated. Global Exchange and the International Labor Rights Fund are taking Nestl√ɬ©, commodities trader Archer Daniels Midland and Cargill to court in the US under the Torture Victim Protection Act and Alien Tort Claims Act.[19][20] Nestl√ɬ© signed an agreement called the Cocoa Protocol to say that it would find a way by July 2005 to certify that chocolate had not been produced by underage, indentured, trafficked or coerced labour. Nestl√ɬ© has requested that all the coerced child labourers involved in the International Labor Rights Fund lawsuit reveal their names, which could lead to them being punished.


I’m sure those children hate chocolate too much.

Adam S wrote on October 14th, 2007 at 6:17 AM PST:

MySQL doesn’t crash – it hangs. You can’t just restart it, you have to properly kill it. We think it’s a yet-unknown bug.

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