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Drist video clips are up

Drist‘s guitarist, Brian, passed by today to drop off two music video clips the band shot back in 2001 in LA. Apparently the .mov files still work with Quicktime on the Mac, but not on the PC (audio, but no video). Using VLC instead, I get video but no audio. For a moment there I got pretty scared that I won’t be able to export the files to a youtube-friendly format for usage on DristTV, but Sony Vegas Pro 8 came to the rescue as it was able to recognize and playback the files perfectly. So, I exported to h.264 .mp4 and then uploaded them to YouTube. Two things were unfortunate though: the original .mov files did not have the anamorphic bit set to ON (they were saved as 720×480 in letterbox instead of 873×480-via-anamorphic), and they were saved in a progressive format but without removing interlacing beforehand. So the lower quality and jaggies (even after using Vegas’ forced de-interlace artifact removal option) are unavoidable. Anyways, enjoy!

“Circular” video clip:

“Carrion Baggage” video clip:

Exporting for TV’s gamma

I just hate it how the same video file looks so different on TV and on a computer screen. After lots of trial and error, I was able to get with Vegas a picture that looks good on my TV (playing h.264 via the Sony PS3), even if it looks weird on the PC screen. Vegas already has a “Computer RGB to Studio RGB” template under its “Color Corrector” plugin, but this was not enough to make my footage look good on our Sharp rear projection CRT TV.

So, you bring up the “Color Corrector” plugin, and you change the following:
Saturation: 1200 to 1250 depending on the scene.
Gain: 0.750
Gamma: 0.950
Offset: 16.0

Basically, you just need to f*ck up the RGB histogram by narrowing it down, and making it look completely unnatural and warm on the PC screen in order to look normal on (my) TV. Your mileage may vary, so you will have to do your own tests.

Mozilla develops mobile Firefox browser

Short summary: we are serious about bringing the Firefox experience and technology to mobile devices.”

Blah, blah, blah… Blah, blah, blah… I don’t see why mobile Firefox will work while Minimo has failed. I mean, the thing is a memory hog, with optimizations or without. It’s an architecture and culture issue, and that’s not something that you can change easily in a project/company.

I must say that Christian Sejersen joining the project is a good move though (previously JBQ’s boss). There’s a lot of work ahead of him.