Marion Jones pleads guilty to doping deception

“Track star Marion Jones pleaded guilty Friday to lying to a federal investigator about taking banned substances”, writes CNN.

The problem with removing her medals from Sydney’s Olympics, is that the person who will receive her gold medal is Thanou, of Greece. A person, who in my completely personal and unproven opinion, took the THG too at the time.


Wolf Ricket5ts wrote on October 5th, 2007 at 10:05 PM PST:

taking illegal drugs is against the law.
For ALL of US !
To believe that any action taken by any ” governing body / committee / whoever ” , is going to change this behavior , is incredibly NAIVE !
until recovery occurs :

Luis wrote on October 6th, 2007 at 4:01 AM PST:

Doping in sports is a big problem. The difference that it makes is big enough to make it impossible to win without taking certain substances (at least in sports that depend solely or mostly on physical resources). That is, a “normal” athlete + illegal substances will beat the best athlete without these drugs. So unless _none_ of the competitors are taking illegal drugs, we must conclude that ALL the winners have taken them. Otherwise they wouldn’t have won (which is not to say they’re not the best. They are, since the rest also take those drugs and in the end only the best wins).

It’s a sad situation where you have to choose to take illegal drugs or remain a mediocre even if you’re the best (in the same conditions).

What I wonder is: If you work in a bank or any company and you do a few tricks (illegal) to take a few millions and they catch you, you not only would have to give back all the money but you would also go to jail. In sports, they use illegal tricks to earn millions and if they are caught they can keep the money and stay free, only they can’t compete in a couple of years. Isn’t the temptation too big? I mean, you can take drugs until they catch you, and if you’re millionaire by then nobody will take you your illegally earned money and you won’t go to jail like any other professional. Just a thought…

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