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Regarding the semi-pro cameras

You know. I am talking about these semi-pro cameras that cost between $2500 to $8500. Usually manufactured by Panasonic, Canon and Sony. These 24p cameras produce a very high quality HD image and are pretty adjustable/customizable to even make their footage look cinematic. And yet, cheap TV series still don’t use them. Only TV news and Indies are using them mostly.

We were watching “The Shield” with JBQ the other night and we were put off on how pedestrian the look was. The lighting was minimal (they had to overexpose in many scenes in order to make it look not too dark) and there was no color grading whatsoever apart from the basic white balance. Obviously, a “cheap” TV series. And yet, when we read its tech specs on IMDb, they used an Arri camera. You know, these ones that usually cost between $60,000 to $120,000. And then they have to develop and scan the film too.

My question is: WHY? The look of that TV series could easily be captured with a semi-pro camera without even sweating on it. Why spend all that money when you can do the same job with cheaper tools?

“PINK” Webisode 04

Sorry for keep linking it guys, but you know, “Pink” is the *only* free serialized web TV series that’s actually professionally done. To me, it’s a little filmmaking gem on the web.

Upcoming reviews

I published the JVC camcorder review today while up and coming reviews include: an unlocked iPhone review (review will be focusing on the unlocking), a TyTN-II, a tripod dolly by Tiffen, and a 1080p upscaling DVD/DivX player.

Drist – “Surfacing”

I thought I fooled you all,
here in this shallow surfacing
A ring around it all, showing you
This is all I know

Thought you gave it all, right here
But I saw it go down
You became it all, wants and needs
And I saw it go

If you only could see

I can’t give you up, if only I could
I can’t lift you up, if only I should

Wait here, I’m coming

Lyrics from “Surfacing“, my favorite song from Drist’s first album, “Bitter Halo“.