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PS3 and a new TV, Part II

We went to Frys yesterday and we saw that new Sony TV with 120 Hz support. Bad for video games, but good for movie lovers. Which makes it a great TV for me, and a bad one for JBQ. I also loved the picture/color adjustments that it comes with. Dunno what we will end up buying in 2-3 years time or when our current one dies.

JBQ spent all day on the PS3 — for a change over working 24 hours a day. He downloaded lots of game demos (and Comcast will probably cut us off for too much bandwidth consumption) and the PS3’s drive is already 1/3 full. What the hell do they put in these demos and they make them so big?

JBQ also bought 3-4 of these $7 games for the PS3, like Loccoroco and Flow. Trippy…