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How romantic is that? JBQ woke me up this morning (our 7th wedding anniversary) and had breakfast setup: croissants, jam and orange juice…

Here’s an interesting tidbit for you. While we knew each other via the internet for over 8 months, JBQ proposed to me on the 9th day that we were *physically* together and not on different sides of the ocean(s).

Update: We had a great dinner at an Indian restaurant tonight. I had my usual favorite, “lamb biryani“.

More articles…

I published two more interviews today, one at TuxTops, an interview with Drist’s guitarist Brian da Motta (he rocks!), and with Sony Vegas’ very own Dave C. Hill at FreshDV. More over, I published an Ubuntu preview at OSNews. A camcorder review is next.

I will also be participating in a radio show from NY soon, for a very non-standard subject. 😉