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‘Too late to avoid global warming,’ say scientists

A rise of two degrees centigrade in global temperatures – the point considered to be the threshold for catastrophic climate change which will expose millions to drought, hunger and flooding – is now “very unlikely” to be avoided, the world’s leading climate scientists said yesterday” writes

Getting an iPhone

I am getting an unlocked iPhone for a review (although this means that I won’t be getting one next month, as it’s an expensive piece). I am not all too hot about it, as my main cell account has no unlimited data plan, which it would mean that I won’t be able to use the phone after the review is done because the iPhone keeps downloading stuff via GPRS on the background (I usually use a special SIM for my reviews that has a data plan). More over, I do expect Apple to find a way and lock these phones back eventually so it’s time will be limited. Cat and mouse.

How it all started

This article in Feb 2000 was the beginning of my relationship with JBQ.

We fought in the forums about the nVidia TNT2 on both BeNews and BeGroovy of the time, then we fought via email the next day. A part of my first email to him:

I strongly disagree with your remark on BeNews’ comments section about the fill rate on TNT2 and GeForce. […] I am not happy with this attitude!
etc etc.

Thankfully, JBQ replied. As angrily as I did. And then we took our anger and shouting over on IRC so we could have real-time shouting. When we were done with it, we decided to discuss other stuff.

And our love blossomed. 🙂

It’s the 6th anniversary of our wedding this Saturday.

Bloodied 70-year-old woman cuffed for having a brown lawn

“Betty Perry is charged with resisting arrest and failing to maintain her landscaping, both misdemeanors” writes CNN.

Wait a second. Why the hell is it a misdemeanor to not water your lawn? If it’s YOUR lawn, why the hell the city council cares about it? What kind of a law this is? That’s the kind of law that it would never fly (or get voted in the first place) in Greece.

And then, an American told me once that ancient Spartans were “barbaric” for imposing a maximum beard size to men.

Nice comments on Digg about it:

It’s bad enough people have to pay taxes to keep their homes, but mow the lawn. This is fucking police state. They should make it official and just declare marshal law.”

Ubuntu getting there

I upgraded again tonight my Gutsy Gibson laptop to the latest unstable and I like the little clean up that went on. Most of the bug reports I filed back in March-April are now fixed, and as far as I can tell, only 2-3 bugs still exist (e.g. duplicate entries on “Places”, Clearlooks crashing). That, and the refusal of the Ubuntu guys to provide a separate ffmpeg build with AAC support in it are the only things still bugging me.

I like the amount of clean up that’s going on though. A brand new Bluetooth panel that supports several profiles, dual screen setup utility, combined Gnome pref panels and more and of course, after Mossberg also whined about it, they added trackpad properties in the mouse panel.

It’s getting there. If only there was a port of Sony Vegas for Linux…