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NBC’s fall preview

Comcast offers for free the pilot episodes of NBC’s new shows under “HD on Demand”. So, I watched tonight “Life”, “Chuck” and “Bionic Woman”. In order:

– “Life” was boring as hell. Unfunny, uninteresting, too pedestrian. Worse than “K-Ville” on FOX.
– “Bionic Woman” is a classic US action show, kinda like “Knight Rider” of sorts. Not very compelling. Back story is just not very interesting I thought. It just didn’t pop up as a killer show.
– “Chuck” was the most interesting of the three. It was funnier, better constructed, although it seems that it also lacks a long term compelling back story. It felt a bit like a sitcom, but taken a bit more seriously.

I don’t think that this year NBC has a “Lost” killer either…

Dreamy film look

Here’s how I did this video-looking scene:

to look so filmy on Sony Vegas:

Plugin Magic Bullet Movie Looks HD (third party): Green Pearl on 10%
Plugin Color Corrrector: Saturation: 1500, Gamma: 1.100, Gain: 1.100

Sure the blacks are crushed, but it looks so cool…


A year ago I published my low calorie smoothie recipe, but here’s the normal one. Of course, be prepared to rush to the toilet and pee after you drink all that… 🙂

Ingredients (for 1)
* 1.5 scoops of frozen Sherbet of your choice
* 150gr of frozen fruit chunks of your choice
* 100ml pure orange juice (more as needed)
* A few bits of fresh fruits (optional)
* 1 ice cube

1. Place all ingredients in the blender. Secure the blender.
3. Start the blender in high-speed, or in its ice-breaker mode (if it has such a mode).
4. If the ice doesn’t seem to break, add more orange juice. Blend until smooth, usually about 50 secs.
5. Pour into a glass and enjoy it through a straw. Beware of brain freezes!

Tip: Do not mix many different kinds of fruits. They don’t taste bad, but they look like goo!

Pineapple Smoothie
I had this Pineapple smoothie this afternoon, yummy!

Bad artistic choices

Last night FOX debuted its new drama called “K-Ville“. Twice, there were shots that didn’t have continuity and this apparently annoyed the hell out of a lot of viewers. The two shots were like this: “The bad guys are shooting, the cops are shooting back. In the next scene the cops are on their car pursuing the shooters”. What’s missing is the “middle” shot of having the cops running towards the car and getting in it.

I am 100% certain that this was an *artistic* choice of the director to cut into action so sharply (rather that time constraints or bad editing). Unfortunately, the trick didn’t work. People are complaining that it was “bad directing”, while in reality it was done on purpose. It just didn’t work though, it felt weird. Perhaps that’s because people are used to a specific directing style, or because it was just that bad…

On other FOX news, “Prison Break” only had 7.5 mil viewers last night. This is going to be its last season for sure, I just hope that FOX won’t cancel the show before there is a resolution.

The future of TV is on the web

This is just my opinion here, but they could all [TV, DVDs] become obsolete. The industry could go straight to broadband downloading, with filmmakers creating their own websites where they have their own material that you can download. I really believe that is the future of television, of all entertainment”, says Star Wars producer Rick McCallum on an interview about the new Star Wars live action series.