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Interview with Blake Calhoun, director of “PINK”

FreshDV posted my interview with Blake Calhoun, the director of “Pink“. Thanks guys! There’s one more video-related interview I conducted that’s coming up at their site later this week. I might do a few more now that I am on a roll…

Update: Episode 3 is out:

Wanna join him?

Regarding Kabbalah (and other mystical religions)

Jewish tradition holds that Kabbalah is so powerful and complicated that only bonafide students may begin to approach it and then only after age 40. Among the elements of Kabbalah are mystical revelations drawn from holy books by recombination of letters and other signs” writes Associated Press.

Yeah, mystical revelations that you learn after age 40, like “There is no God! Gotcha! Hahaha…”.

I mean come on! How can I take seriously mysticism when it’s meant only for people “who can handle it”? It reminds me of Gentoo Linux. If a religion or tradition or whatever is not meant for everybody, then it holds no merit for me. It’s an ellitistic tradition, and these days it has become yet another way to take money off celebrities.

I mean no disrespect to the people who follow it, but myself as an atheist/agnostic, I have serious doubts about such things especially when I read that it’s selective (although it’s obviously less selective if you have money, otherwise Madonna wouldn’t make the cut — heck, even Britney was allowed to follow it). And reading wikipedia’s Kabbalah article on the explanation of what is God etc, it all sounds gibberish. I can’t believe that people still fall for that in the 21st Century.

However, of course, people should be free to believe and say whatever they like just like I do right now, exercising my right to write down my personal opinion and criticize religions (not just Kabbalah — I have nothing personal against it, in fact I much prefer it over Scientology). Richard Dawkins said it best though, about the right to criticize religion: