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Stop piracy: get your music for free

Being the lazy fat porcupine that I am, I was just reading Digg tonight and I found a link to this web service. It’s an interesting service actually: it lets you upload all your music and then letting you accessing it from any place in the world via the internet. Kinda like having an iPod with you at all times, except not having an ipod, plus it doesn’t work without an internet connection. And it’s legally questionable because it allows users to listen to other’s music. Anyways.

The FIRST song that auto-plays when you go to that web site is this: “Weekend Full of Weekends” by the “Vanderveen”. What an amazingly catchy song! The kind of song that it could be used in an iPod commercial in fact… And it’s a free download!

So, one link led me to another, and I ended up at I knew of that site for years now, but I never bothered to have a look at it. Apparently some amazing songs are hosted there, waiting for a free, legal, download! The advantage of is that because it allows ratings and contests, songs can be “charted”. This is a very convenient feature in the chaotic indie scene, an easy way to find out what’s actually good. And I already found which CD to buy from CDBaby next too: the one from the local SF band “Cold Hot Crash“. I first heard them tonight at GarageBand, and they were so good that they deserve a buy. The “Bright Side” song from the “Rantings Of Eva” band is great too.

I downloaded 900 MBs of high quality music tonight. All legally. All for free.

Update: I downloaded another 2 GBs of legal music today from, SubPop, InSound and FingerTips music sites. Hopefully Comcast won’t cut off my connection because of the bandwidth consumption. I now have overall about 12 GB of legal indie music (mostly alternative rock). It feels like a huge library and I will have to clean it up and keep only the good pieces. I really don’t know how people can fill up 60 and 80 GBs iPods… I don’t seem that I will ever need more than 20 GBs for music, and maybe another 10 GBs for my own videos (which is why I hope for a 32GB iPod Touch or iPhone v2.0)…

Sports miracles

Wow, I was listening on the ERA-Sport radio station via the web to the Eurobasket match between Greece and Slovenia but I just stopped listening to it when Greece was losing with 61-49. There was no way to win that match… And then, out of a miracle, Greece did win at the end: 62-63. Great work guys! I am pretty sure that even Nick Galis watching that specific game would have had a distinct facial expression showing some feelings (my mother was a Yannakis fan, she always kept saying how “cold” Gallis is). Now in the semi-finals against Spain…

Πάμε σαν άλλοτε.

Band of Horses

The band called “Band of Horses” was one of my favorite indie rock bands for the past year. I loved their song “The Funeral” (mp3 available for free by their label) and so many other listeners too, and recently the band won the most awards in an indie music awards Grammy-equivalent competition. More over, I even got angry at JBQ for not wanting us to go to the Slims club in San Francisco last Sunday to see them live.

Fast forward to yesterday. Now, their new single from their new album called “Is there a Ghost” is also released for free by their label. What a disappointment this single is. The same verse is going on and on forever, while the arrangement is nothing extraordinary either. Sure, it is a BETTER song than most crap out there in the chaotic Indie scene, but I don’t think that this is a song equivalent to the kind of press and label support the band is getting. I think the band can do better than this.

The 4400

I had given up watching “The 4400” this summer. It was going on and on and on for years now, and it was pretty clear that the producers was making it up on the way. So, I DVR’ed most episodes and watched them only when I had nothing better to do — like tonight.

I am starting to get back to the storyline, and it’s now becoming good, it’s becoming more philosophical. The two sides that are at war are no innocent. From one side we have the idealistic religious proponents who want to become higher beings at any cost to the society, and on the other we have the kind of phobic people who would do anything to get what they want for their own purposes and no one else’s. And this is an interesting concept for a TV series. While as a viewer you are usually asked to take sides, with the 4400 you don’t know which side to pick. They both have their good points, and they are both evil at the same time, stopping at nothing.

On other TV news, check this “Lost” theory. One of the best around.