Archive for September 11th, 2007

Second webisode of “Pink”

The second webisode of the only free web series that is actually professionally made and enjoyable, is out. Check the first one too btw if you haven’t seen it.

Update: I sent an email to Revver about it last night, and right now they feature it on their front page under “Editor’s picks”. Cool.

RAW support on my Canon A700

Following the and Engadget articles I decided to try the features-enabled firmware hack for my Canon A700. The firmware has “locked” features reserved for the pro models, but this little safe hack unlocks them. Among the features unlocked is the ability to shoot RAW. Everyone knows the differences of RAW and JPEG and samples exist for many pro cameras, but here are my own samples from my consumer camera.

Better dynamic range:

Truer color:

No JPEG/sharpening artifacts:

If your Canon DIGIC II-based camera is supported, feel free to use the CHDK hack. It doesn’t override your installed firmware so it can’t damage it (at least theoretically).