I hate EDTVs

There is no real standard resolution for widescreen EDTVs. I am talking about these TVs sold about 3-5 years ago as “HDTVs”, even if they weren’t real HDTVs. They were usually flat panels with a resolution of 8XXx480. And I am writing this as “8xx” and not as 848px, because some of these TVs were 848 pixels wide, others were 850, others 852 and others 853. So, what’s the standard widescreen EDTV pixel count? No one knows.

The real NTSC 480p resolution is 720×480. But its anamorphic value is not set to stone. For example, widescreen miniDV camcorders will record in 720×480, but with anamorphic value of 872.722222 pixels wide. However, most DVDs use a resolution of 852×480 when played back. While Panasonic’s HD digicams will record in 848×480. So, is there any bloody standard for the anamorphic value or not?!?

I know that when using CRT TVs it doesn’t really matter as everything displayed in there is analog, but when using LCDs that have a precise pixel count, you can f*ck up the playback quality just because the TV will stretch in/out the video if it doesn’t adhere to its expected 480p-anamorphic pixel count.

JBQ suggests to me to export 480p videos in the actual 720×480 resolution with the anamorphic bit set instead of exporting directly to the anamorphic resolution. My problem is, video players and devices are so f*cking buggy that they don’t take anamorphism into account. I am mostly talking to you VLC and AppleTV.

Because of this sad state, I can only suggest to users with miniDV camcorders to export to DVD and be done with it. Whatever it comes out of it. Otherwise, if you are a pixel-perfectionist like I am, get an HD camera and only export in true HD resolutions (don’t bother with HDV’s 1440×1080 as it’s also anamorphic).

And sell your 5 year old LCD EDTV and buy a real HDTV. If you can’t sell it, throw it out of the window. I am not kidding.

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