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Apple wants to slash TV show prices in half, aggressively drive iPod sales

Another proof that nothing is what it seems:

“Last week, Apple and NBC-Universal’s relationship ended in a messy split. The usual he-said, she-said followed: Apple accused NBC of wanting to double prices on some TV shows; NBC said no, they just wanted to have some flexibility in pricing. There may have been another factor at work, however: Apple’s desire to cut prices drastically on TV shows”, writes ArsTechnica.

Early this week I laughed at NBC for wanting $5 per episode, but Apple’s own plan for $1 per episode is not much better either. I don’t think that an ad-free TV episode should be priced the same as a song. Writing and recording a song can be the work of a single day, of a single person. Finishing up and wrapping up a TV episode is a work of 10 days, that involves up to 100 people.

Sorry, but Apple needs to get more objective here. They obviously want to drive iPod sales simply because they make no real money out of iTunes, but they should not do that by shitting on their own partners. If they really need the money, then they should consider NBC’s idea of upping the price of the shows, maybe at $2.49, and then split the extra revenue between them. A fair increase for the consumer too, IMO.

My appearance

Thom is hosting an interesting topic on his blog, about cosmetic surgery and photoshopping covers of magazines. He fears that photoshopping magazines creates insecurity to some women. And this is my blunt reply, copied here:

“I agree that there should be a fine print somewhere explaining that some photoshoping has taken place. But other than that, I believe that consumers do want it, even if they won’t admit it or realize it. Proof is that providers had to do that in order to sell more.

As for having women feeling insecure just because another woman looks better than them, well let them feel insecure, and hopefully die out of insecurity, so their stupid genes don’t survive in the human gene pool. Let Darwin work his magic baby.

I am very short, I am fat, I have an ugly tooth (it’s out of alignment, and if you see me smiling from a specific angle, it looks like I have no tooth there at all). And guess what: I don’t give a f*ck, neither I try to hide it by not smiling. It didn’t stop me from finding and getting married to a much prettier person than I am too. I have zero complex about my appearance, neither I try my best to look good. And all has worked out just fine, so why feel insecure?”

Update: Me and my ugly tooth. 😀

a pic through the mirror