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PINK — the web series

At last. Some professionally-made web series, made specifically for YouTube and MySpaceTV. Pink is a 10-episode series shot with real actors, but on the budget. First episode here. It looks terrific so far. That’s exactly the sort of thing I was looking for in that “web video” hype instead of that Crocker/LonelyGirl crap. Shot with an A1 and an HV20 (same camera as mine). Check it out!

Regarding Chris Crocker

Chris is a major YouTube personality in the last few weeks, coming from the myspace world… Originally his videos were pretty good, but lately, after a lot of hate mail and too much publicity, he seems to have lost it (1, 2). I would recommend 6 months vacations up in the mountains.

Update: Here’s a truly entertaining YouTube personality: Mr Safety. His latest video clip is very funny.

Presidential elections

I don’t vote here in the US as I am not a citizen, but Adam pointed to an online test that matches your opinions towards a presidential candidate. All of my first eight matches are all Democrats, with No1 being former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel. Gravel is the most matched person by the readers who used that online test so far, which means that a lot of people have similar ideas as to how they want their world shaped. Which is a good thing because it brings hope as a species towards some form of unity.

Regarding the new iPods

Apple released some new iPod products today. However, I wasn’t able to find what I need.

What I wanted was the iPod Touch model, but with a hard drive. Their 8 and 16 GB models means limited storage to me, considering that I also do video. So, I have to go with iPod Classic that comes with 80 GBs. Problem is, the iPod Classic only has a 2.5″ screen instead of a 3.5″, and none of the extra features of the Touch. As for the new Nano, I can reproduce all features in it on my Symbian phones (and with bigger screens than its 2.0″).

So what should I do? Get the iPod Classic now and be done with it, or wait a year and hope for an iPod Touch with a hard drive (and possibly Bluetooth too)? I don’t know… What I do know is that my 4GB iPod Mini is now aged, out of space, and with no video functionality.

An interview

Paolo Ciarrocchi asked me for a Linux/Gnome-related interview (don’t know why, as I am not as active in that community as I used to be), but here it is anyway.