PS3 and a new TV

We received the new PS3 today, we haven’t done anything with it yet except upgrading the firmware and checking how OSNews renders on its browser. However, while checking some configuration settings with it, we realized that the “native” resolution of our 6 year old 55″ Sharp TV is just 540p/1080i and not 720p/1080i.

This explains why I can’t see the difference between HD-DVD and DVDs (and JBQ can only see subtle differences). We usually used our TV in 720p mode, simply because this specific TV model has a “bug” when on 1080i (it would render “waves”), but now we figured that our “720p” is not a real “720p” but down-converted to 540p. This gives us another good lesson for being early adopters of HDTVs (the lack of a DVI input was the only other major complaint we had in the past few years)…

In other words, how do I find the PS3? Expensive, because it made us realize that we need a new TV: 1080p, 24p support (with 120 Hz support if possible), at least 2 HDMI ports with HDCP support. We probably won’t be getting one any time soon though at least for another 6 months, unless this one dies (“oopsie, I broke it…”).

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