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Tiffen sunrise/sundown filter

A small test with my HV20 this evening using Tiffen’s sun orange filter. After that, we went to a Greek restaurant in the City and we had some… non-authentic gyros. Yeah…

RED footage

The RED camera is out and the first footage is out and about. Cool stuff, although there seems to be clipping on the highlights. The picture below is of a huge 2k video (2048×1024) playing back on my two high-res screens (1680×1050 and 1200×1600). Now, if you think that the RED camera can actually grab 120fps on a 4k+ resolution, it shows just how ahead of its time it is.

2k footage


Our friend Daniel (ex-Be/Tascam/Avid, now at Google) went skydiving for the first time the other day. Scary! But he seemed to have a good time, which is what matters as it was obviously a better experience than my brother’s. Check Daniel’s video below!