The Romulan storyline

So the rumor has it that Leonard Nimoy will be the main character of the next Star Trek movie, not just a guest star. This actually makes sense because Nimoy quit acting many years ago and he swore to not act again in his life. I am certain that it’s something more than money the would make him come back to the big screen. And that would be an important, conclusive plot.

You see, Star Trek has pretty much completed all its subplots except the Romulan one. On the previous Star Trek movie, where they were supposed to do just that, they screwed up because Patrick Stewart wanted to make it the lame “Picard-oriented” movie it became. This time they have the opportunity to make it right, and have Spock give a conclusion to a Vulcan/Romulan/Federation plot, while opening a door to more movies in the future.

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