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Of course I was aware of CDBaby for years now but only tonight I took the time to visit their artist’s site, (instead of .com). Apparently CDBaby is an amazing deal for artists. Not only they sell their CDs online, but CDBaby takes care of CD distribution in 2400 music stores throughout the US, plus they take care of digital distribution with many online stores (including iTunes) so you don’t have to. That’s a heck of a deal, considering that they get less than 10% of the cut (while labels ask for 80%). The only things that labels are still useful are for marketing and international distribution. Everything else can be done for cheap (including shooting a video clip).

Nokia is after the iPhone

This is not surprising, neither “stealing”. I said it many times in this blog: the future is touchscreen, you like it or not. I went as far as predicting that Nokia’s S60 4.0 operating system will be touchscreen-based too. It seems that I was right.