Boohoo, I want a (better) AppleTV

I blogged about the AppleTV back in the day. My idea of using digicam clips instead of miniDV still stands, although since then I purchased an HDV camcorder so it makes sense to try to make use of it. Now that I can export real progressive 1080p videos out of my HDV 1080i camera I need a device that can manage 10 Mbps 1080p h.264 files. Unfortunately, the Quicktime engine is extremely slow playing back files created by the x264 encoder instead of Apple’s own encoder — no matter how you encode the file (with CABAC or CAVLC). So not only the AppleTV must be fixed to work better with h.264 but it must add support for 1080p too — currently it can go only up to 720/24p and iTunes will REFUSE to upload to the device a 720/30p file even if it was carefully encoded with less than 5Mbps which is AppleTV’s maximum bitrate. 1080p playback would probably mean that a hardware decoder must be used. 250 GBs of disk and ability to add DivX/WMV plugins wouldn’t hurt either. Give me that for $400 and I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

Update: And apparently AppleTV will refuse to work via an HDMI switcher that has no support for content locking (most cheap ones don’t).


Billy wrote on August 15th, 2007 at 11:11 PM PST:

Assuming you only want to play back high-def content and don’t mind losing the database backend AppleTV gives you (lots of people overlook the nice things it does with your iTunes library, such as updating play counts, last played time, current position, whether or not you’ve watching a show, etc.), why not just pick up a 360 or a PS3? Either is more or less in that price range and has the software/hardware support to play that level of video. I don’t think either is as refined for media playback / streaming as the AppleTV, but they have the power to give you the video playback you want.

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Eugenia wrote on August 16th, 2007 at 8:13 AM PST:

As you said, AppleTV’s interface is better for what I want to do. So, I actually want a *better* AppleTV rather than a PS3/xbox. ;-)

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