The 12th Cylon theory (no major spoilers)

Now that the next 4 Cylon models were revealed at the finale of Battlestar Galactica’s Season 3, there is only 1 model remain to be revealed. My theory is (and that’s just a theory) that the last model is Gaius Baltar.

Of course, Baltar is the No1 person under suspicion by the fans to be a Cylon. It would be too obvious, right? Well, that’s true, but on the other hand, it would not make any sense for anyone else to be a Cylon. If the writers pull a stunt and introduce as a 12th Cylon someone like the president, or the admiral, or Lee, or Starbuck, it just wouldn’t make much sense and it would be way too far fetched.

You see, there are some pointers that Baltar is the last Cylon:
– He sees No6 out of thin air. Like the MS Word “clippy” to help him along his destiny.
– No6 told Baltar that Boomer’s child would be “their” child, but this was just an allegory.
– D’Anna asked for his forgiveness when she saw the face of the last Cylon. “I didn’t know it was you”, she said, and Baltar was the only human she interacted so much with.
– He is a narcissist. It is in fact a ‘justified’ reason to be one when you deep inside you know that you are the final model.
– He is deeply flawed in many other ways. It is the perfect excuse for redemption. I believe that Baltar might be saving everyone at the long end, by making the “right” choice for the humans, and at the same time, betraying his true Cylon nature, just like Cylons betrayed the humans. He would be the perfect example to show the Cylons that creations are not necessarily better than the creators — and hence learning their lesson.

Maybe the “Baltar is too obvious of a choice” is the whole trick anyway. Everyone has him under suspicion, and because of that no one believes that the writers will pick him as a Cylon. And maybe that’s exactly why he will be introduced as the last Cylon.

My second choice would be Cally, for reasons I won’t explain here because it would be too much of a spoiler for things we know so far.

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