A review of Battlestar Galactica, Part II

Continuing my review points from the other day, I finished watching the series from beginning to end. I think I “get” Battlestar Galactica more now than I did before. It is indeed a drama set in space, rather than pure action sci-fi. I do like it.

However, I find it ironic that my favorite episode from Season-1 is the “The Hand of God“. In that episode there was the kind of action that I really want to see in a series that calls itself “space sci-fi”, that is, Star Wars-style battles. There was actually a plot regarding the battle operation, there was a cool asteroid and Cylon bases on it. It was a battle that had a goal. In all the other episodes, the Cylons are the only ones attacking, the battles are just lame, too short, and without any true focus as the only objective is “shoot as many as you can” and “jump away as fast as you can”. It’s sensible for Adama to avoid conflict with a more powerful enemy, but the usual “cylons attack, starbuck kicks their asses, then we all jump away” thing is boring.

It seems that the BSG writers tried to bring over audience that don’t specifically like sci-fi, but at the same time they managed to alienate some classic sci-fi viewers. If only we could get more of the kind of action like in that episode, I think I would enjoy the series much-much more. I like well-directed action with a purpose. I don’t care if Starbuck has the hots for Lee. Anders is hotter anyway (plus the actor is a local, grew up a few miles away from my home).

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