Explain this to me please

Why the heck LCD TV manufacturers are using 1366×768 (wide-XGA) instead of 1280×720 (720p)? The first resolution is the 16:9 version of 1024×768 and it might make SOME sense for computer monitors. But instead, the majority of LCD TVs meant for living rooms are using that resolution for their TVs instead of the real 720p one. The only explanation I have is that it might be cheaper to do so this way because creating a wide-XGA might be easier for existing factories than trying to create something totally different. Problem with this though is that the pixels are not square and so there is loss of quality when viewing HD on these TVs. And we are talking about 95% of the LCD 1080i TVs out there come with that resolution.

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JBQ wrote on July 28th, 2007 at 4:00 AM PST:

Not square? That’s off by barely 0.05%…

The difference is 1.05MP vs 0.92MP, not quite negligible.

In the end, I agree with you. 720 is an easy upsample from 480, an easy downsample from 1080, and is obviously native at 720. 768 doesn’t come close to being as precisely matched.

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