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A review of Battlestar Galactica

I had watched most episodes on Sci-Fi Channel, but recently I started re-watching it from the beginning using the DVD version. Galactica is “ok”, but not outstanding. Many things just don’t make sense. What I like on “Lost” is the amount of realism it brings with its characters and situations, even if Lost is also a scifi/fantasy series. But Battlestar Galactica’s writers are just not as careful with continuity and simple logic. In detail:

* The technology is very uneven. They have technology to do “jumps” in space and create big ships, but other, more basic technology, is absent. Heck, they don’t even have iPods. It’s like the writers cut back on daily technology on purpose just so they make their situation more dramatic. But by doing so, they made it less realistic.

* First the Cylons are killing billions(?) of humans without mercy, and then they cut back on their killing for no good reason other than advancing the plot.

* Why are there no robots among people? “Good” robots that is. I mean, it was not that robots were completely banned after the Cylon Wars. Or at least, we were not told so.

* They still haven’t cured cancer, not even myopia. :P

* It does not make sense to be running away from Caprica for months and yet, when Starbuck had to go back she got there in an instant. If jumping so far was so fast, galactic exploration would have been a common practice and possibly Earth would have already been found.

* From the moment they got into “New Caprica”, they still wanted to find “Earth”. Why? What’s wrong with New Caprica and even some other habitable planets they visited before? As long as Cylons could not find them, there was no reason to continue the search for Earth specifically, but to find a habitable planet and plant their asses there.

* Cylon detection among humans should have been easy as a pie. And yet, it’s not, again for plot reasons.

* Cylons can download to a new body, but for some weird reason they have no connection to the hive mind? Even if it’s not possible to communicate peer-to-peer, it should be possible to communicate with the “server” if a spaceship is close. It is stupid to not be optimized to do that. More over, their political structure doesn’t make enough sense either.

* Shaky cameras suck balls. Get a tripod. It costs less than $500 for the kind of cameras they use.

* The worst of all: RELIGION. All the super-natural religious crap, are just that: crap. It feels like even their political decisions are based on religious grounds which is at least laughable — at least for humans with a level of technology.

Other than that, Battlestar Galactica is not a bad show. But I think it evolved to be cult show because there is nothing similar on TV. If only the writers were paying more attention to detail.

Explain this to me please

Why the heck LCD TV manufacturers are using 1366×768 (wide-XGA) instead of 1280×720 (720p)? The first resolution is the 16:9 version of 1024×768 and it might make SOME sense for computer monitors. But instead, the majority of LCD TVs meant for living rooms are using that resolution for their TVs instead of the real 720p one. The only explanation I have is that it might be cheaper to do so this way because creating a wide-XGA might be easier for existing factories than trying to create something totally different. Problem with this though is that the pixels are not square and so there is loss of quality when viewing HD on these TVs. And we are talking about 95% of the LCD 1080i TVs out there come with that resolution.