Archive for July 19th, 2007

Stupid fingers

The Tiffen HDTV/FX-3 filter arrived today for my camcorder, and I was so happy about it. Then, I tried to remove it at some point, but I hadn’t screwed it on all the way earlier, so it “fell” on my hand. Now, the filter has finger marks on it. Thankfully, JBQ has the right equipment to clean it up so I can use it this weekend. Bummer. :(

Too Many Linux Distros Make For Open Source Mess

“Too Many Linux Distros Make For Open Source Mess”, says Inforworld. Well, duh. I have been saying this since Day 1. I like focus and direction on software, and GNU/Linux is anything but. If all these distros and developers had a forum to work together instead of forking or re-inventing the wheel every six months, Linux would have erased Microsoft from the map by now. While some people perceive this mess as “choice”, I am a more practical and “show me the results” kind of girl, so I am not compatible with that point of view — although it is a point of view that I respect.