Archive for July 15th, 2007

Social, Europe and PC

We had an unusually social week — which was really cool. Dinner out with friends on Thursday, birthday party on Friday, Bastille Day celebration on Saturday with some friends from JBQ’s work, and Dan Dennedy over for lunch today.

Dan took a look at adding HDV support for Linux. The DVGrab utility (after the patches) appears to work great with my camera and it even supports scene detection. The MLT framework can playback some types of HDV video (e.g. the type that iMovie writes back to the camera), but not native Canon .m2t (some problem with HDV audio being 32bit floating point rather than DV’s 16bit integer). Dan will be working to clearing these issues up before a new release, and time permitting he might be looking at 24f pulldown removal support too.

More over, we upgraded my PC last night: 3 GB RAM, an additional 500 GB SATA disk, an extra USB PCI card and a 256 MB GeForce 8600GTS card. This card has almost doubled HD playback performance on all DirectX applications from what I gathered so far — even without any special API or DX10 support on my XP.

On other news, we got our tickets to get to France soon. Not sure if we will visit Greece though because of time constraints. Update: Tickets canceled. Long story. :(