Archive for July 3rd, 2007

Video sites

I am in search for a good video sharing source for my amateur videos and so I tried the most popular video sites today. I originally liked YouTube because of its huge traffic (it has more traffic than all the other video sites combined) but the 10 minute-per-clip limitation is something that I hit yesterday with my 16-minute zoo clip. I tried DailyMotion and VideoGoogle, but their video quality is really low. Metacafe has a very weird algorithm and resizes videos in non-standard resolutions (not divided by 16) which results in lower quality, while they only pay $5 per 1000 video views IF your video was already viewed 20,000 times or more. In terms of video quality the best seem to be DivX’s Stage6, Veoh and Revver. My favorite so far is Revver, because they pay you via Paypal 50-50 with their ad-revenue-sharing plan. Veoh pays too (or you can charge per view/rent your video), but they ask for your credit card number while there is absolutely no reason to do so (this sounds VERY fishy to me, because they could just use Paypal or Google Wallet too). Stage6 allows for the best quality of all (it does not re-encode, it even accepts HD), speed, no file/time limitations, but they don’t share ad revenue AFAIK, and most people don’t have the DivX browser plugin installed.

So, I have decided to use Revver from now on. It’s the best deal of all I think. They respond fast on support emails too.