Archive for June 30th, 2007 updated their site today. I can’t run their videos on any of my browsers under XP (IE, Firefox, Safari), except Opera, which is the only one that seems to work. Anyone else with the same problem? IE 7 asked me to install an ActiveX control (was that really needed?), I did, but still no cake (even after modifying the security zone for IE).

The iPhone

I like it. I think that it’s a really nice device and when (and if) the unlocked 3G versions starts to rolling on, it will be even more successful than it already is. I plan to buy an (if/when) unlocked one, when v2.0 comes out that might support third party apps.

Of course, there are things to be added in the next major revision of the OS, like a file picker, cut/copy/paste support, send files via bluetooth, A2DP/AVRCP/PAN/LAP (no need to have modem support for laptops, the PAN solution is cleaner), Flash, speed dial (?), UPnP, internet radio, iChat AV, sound recorder, video recording, Tasks and maybe T6 support like this one.

Funnily, there are no games included in the iPhone, not a single simple finger-friendly game. IMO, they should ship with one or two. Java games on other cellphones are very popular, which shows that people would indeed like to play games when they have nothing better to do or when they are awaiting for a bus/train. I don’t believe that Apple should port J2ME on the iPhone, because 99% of these Java games are not only not designed for touchscreens, but they won’t operate on a non-buttoned environment. I have touchscreen phones myself (from many different companies), and the vast majority of the games don’t work, and the situation would be even worse in the iPhone that has even fewer control buttons and higher resolution screen. New kinds of games will have to be designed for the iPhone — in addition to a hardware accessory that plugs on the bottom and adds the necessary buttons.

Regarding the hardware, a better headphone jack placement, removable battery, GPS, video-call camera, flashlight for the back camera, and maybe a move to a standard mini-USB connector and an FM radio would be nice too.

Regarding MMS, I don’t think that Apple will ever add the feature. You see, email is a better solution, and MMS was always seen like “mobile email”. Thing is, Apple does not want to do anything “mobile”, which would mean “crippled”. Apple will try to kill MMS — and that’s a good thing. Not only because the MMS implementations suck throughout carriers, but by eliminating it, you eliminate one more thing that a carrier can drag you down with.

Overall, I am impressed so far with the iPhone, for a v1.0 product. I will have my bar higher for v2.0 though.