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Innovation is difficult

Here is a very nicely done short movie. Apparently, they were accused of plagiarism, because an older Twilight Zone episode had a similar plot. I wrote in the past how difficult it is to create “new” things anymore. And it’s going to be even more difficult as time goes by.

I hate software – and people

Gnothi seauton. Truth is, I don’t fit in with most people, and I don’t agree with most of them either. In fact, I can clearly see myself as a 70-year old woman in the future whom the neighbors would perceive as an “old, crazy witch”.

Here is just one of the reasons why I don’t quite like humans. Because if they own something, if they made a commitment to something, they force themselves to think that it was the right choice. They make themselves believe that what they have works well, even if it doesn’t. They find comfort in a LIE, because they can’t live with themselves of doing a “mistake” for purchasing a not-that-perfect product.

Maybe I am a perfectionist. Maybe my bar is too high. Or, maybe I am just not a fucking drone. Whatever the reason, I can’t stand how most people would defend their software/hardware. It makes me sick. It’s the main reason why older OSNews readers couldn’t stand my review articles: because I would find lots of (obvious) flaws on their beloved software and they wouldn’t want their perfect little Utopian world to come to pieces.

Yes, my bar is always high. I accept nothing less than a near-perfect product. iMovie and the iPod do come close to perfection although I wouldn’t give my life to protect their name and integrity like others do. Yes, Outlook Express is close too in fact, despite its anti-hype. But the Sony Vegas Movie Studio 7a Platinum SUCKS. Version 8 is much better.


How more stupidity can exist in the world? Here you have a person robbing another person THINKING that he got an iphone (he didn’t), another guy snagging an iphone in front of a live TV camera, and the MAYOR of a big city waiting in line for hours to get a bloody iPhone — like he didn’t have anything better to do.

Where the hell is the world coming in to?