Archive for June 24th, 2007

Global warming

We watched “An Inconvenient Truth” tonight. Highly recommended for every human being on this planet. If you haven’t watched it and its update as found on the DVD release yet, find a way to do so — even if that might mean that you will have to pirate it.

Good and bad movies

“Children of Men” is an amazing movie, great directing and camera work.

But as I write this, Sci-Fi Channel broadcasts this. Terrible acting, terrible directing, terrible dialog, terrible CGI. Possibly one of the worst movies ever created. I am pretty sure it didn’t cost more than $200,000 to produce, but when you think that great movies like El Mariachi were produced for just $7,000, it makes you wonder. Why is Sci-Fi Channel even bothers with these tele-movies?

In other news, our Netflix queue gets bigger and bigger, at around 100 movies right now… We will be busy for a year. I don’t think we will be visiting a cinema any time soon, Netflix and our 55″ TV does the trick for us as it also saves us money and time.

Update: Download this free, just released, sci-fi short movie, created by two twin brothers filmmakers, great job — especially for their budget.