Archive for June 22nd, 2007


I just checked out Banter, a next-gen C# colab tool with video-chat support, looks very interesting. I met one of its two main developers, Brady Anderson from Novell, at a party last week too.

I am a dog

For those who know me, or have visited my living room, they already know that I love sheep.

However, as a personality, sometimes I resemble more that of a dog rather than of a sheep. For example, when JBQ comes home I feel like a dog that sees his master coming back home: I jump up and down and I run in his hug. I am very dependent but also very loyal to him. And when JBQ takes me in his arms and hugs me, I can’t stop making small happy noises and taking fast breaths while my tongue is half-out (no, nothing sexual/gross about it). If you were to record me, you wouldn’t know if it is a human making these noises or an over-excited dog. And I do all that without thinking, but subconsciously & naturally.

And of course, when I am angry, I can be a real bitch.

Prostitution photos to go public

An Italian town’s mayor hopes to shame men into not using prostitutes by photographing cars that pick them up and publishing the details in local newspapers.”

The funny thing is, that according to most countries’ laws, this is not illegal. Pictures taken in public places are free to be published/scrutinized. Ingenious plan. :)

Proposed Amendment Would Ban All DVD Copying

A proposed amendment to the current copy protection license governing DVDs would completely ban all DVD backups, and prevent DVD playback without the DVD disk being present inside the drive.”

Dear Congress, or whoever the hell votes for that shit, I want to be able to use my media in our family without DRM, region-coding or other such silly restrictions. Give me the benefit of the doubt.