It is getting crowded

Remember my interview with Sanctuary’s producer at OSNews, the web-only TV production?

Apparently, there are not one, not two, but three more production companies which are preparing their own webisodes as we speak. And I am not talking about crap like LonelyGirl15’s for YouTube, but real productions from real Hollywood producers.

It is starting to get crowded in the Web TV arena and we haven’t even started yet. We might see a huge battle for market share between Web TV and traditional TV in the next 10 years.

Update: This might work you know. Having some indie film makers making 5-6 minute short webisodes and then uploading QVGA versions on YouTube and everywhere else they can for free. They can sell ad-free higher-resolution versions (e.g. QCIF .3gp for 176×144 cellphones in letterbox format for better compatibility, QVGA MP4 for 320×240 cellphones in letterbox format for better compatibility, 320×176 or letterbox QVGA in h.264 for iPod/PSP, 720/24p for desktops and to be compatible with the AppleTV). The important thing is that they should have at least 3 ad sponsors that run 15 second commercials on the 1st (15 sec commercial), 3rd (15 sec commercial) and 6th (3 or 5 sec acknowledgment) minute of each webisode. All the production costs must be paid with the ad sponsorship and whatever it’s left should be profit. Everything that’s sold ad-free in the higher/better-resolution versions, should be pure profit.

I think that Indie film-makers can find a real new ground on the web and make some good money. The Net is the rebel’s ground. It is where they can battle the big TV stations by using the tools they already have: the net itself. All it’s needed is some vision and some good business relations with advertisers and sites.

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