YouTube’s phoneys

If you are hanging on YouTube you probably have already heard of LonelyGirl15. She is the most popular video-blogger there, with hundreds of thousands of views for each of her videos. Then, there is SoccerStar4Ever, Emmalina and many more. While it was only for LonelyGirl15 that was revealed that she is actually an actress and whatever she says is all scripted, by watching SoccerStar4Ever & Emmalina, it is pretty obvious that they are scripted too, and the producers might be rewarded a small percentage of ad revenue from YouTube. I can’t explain otherwise why someone would go into the trouble of creating a video-blog show & hire actors if it wouldn’t bring any money whatsoever.

Well, let me just say that I hate these video bloggers. Not only they are silly, boring and stupid, but they don’t have the face to come out and say that they are scripted.

When I say that, I don’t mean that I don’t want to view scripted stuff or video blogging on YouTube. On the contrary. But at least either make it known that something is real or not. Take for example smpfilms and WilliamSledd. While both video-blogging celebrities, they stay true to what they say, or shoot, or do — especially Smpfilms. You know what you expect, you know what the guy does for living, you know that he is not fictional.

And if you want to create something fictional, just say so. Otherwise, lose your credibility, just like LonelyGirl15 did.


memson wrote on June 17th, 2007 at 9:39 AM PST:

Emmalina is real – more’s the pity. She used to have a lot more content up. She started as one of those dancing “Ho’s” that frequent Youtube. But after a while she had a very well publicised break (someone broke into her computer and stole a lot of stuff including some rather lurid pictures taken for her boyfriend.) Now the videos are sort of more contrived and more guarded, but they are similar to what they used to be. “Emmalina” was always a fake persona – not real name etc – but the person is not another scripted LG15 type.

As for LG15 – why did no one notice she was scripted from the start? I thought she was fake from the first video I saw. Was too acted. Too weird. Plus she looked about 20.

phoenixbf wrote on June 17th, 2007 at 5:54 AM PST:

I hate LG15 and all about her silly videos.
I’m also annoyed by all that trash that usually appear in the main “today most viewed”, with that silly trick of the central frame.

There are lots of beautiful and interesting videos on youtube, but they are constantly obfuscated by the above ones.

IMHO a quick and easy solution for removing part of this trash in the main page would be generating the thumbnail based on a RANDOM frame of the video and NOT on the central frame.

I dont think it’s so difficult to implement.

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